Small bag dump station

The small bag dump station, also known as manual dump station, is an equipment used to manually dump the powder or granular materials in the small bag into the downstream hopper. It makes the materials fall into the hopper by gravity through manual bag removal and automatic dumping and other steps to complete bag removal and unloading. The filter cleaning device and exhaust fan are installed inside the equipment to filter the dust generated in the dumping process, and discharge the clean tail gas into the atmosphere, so that the workers can work in a clean environment.

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The use method of small bag dump station is as follows: a. When feeding, the operator will open the feeding door of the dump station, and the dedusting fan will start automatically, which will generate upward negative pressure in the dump station. b. The operator places the small bag material on the operation platform of the dump station, manually unpacks and puts the material into the dump station. c. After the feeding, the operator will collect the waste bag and close the feeding door of the dump station, the fan will stop working, and the back-blowing device and vibrator will work at the same time. Small bag dump station is widely used in food, chemical, pharmaceutical, metallurgy, plastic and coating industries. The use of small bag feeding station improves working efficiency, reduces dust pollution and improves working environment. Equipment Parameters
Input voltage 380V
Rated power 1-3KW
Input gas pressure 1.5Mpa
Single amount of input 0-50kg
Equipment weight 150kg
Equipment size 1100x800x2250mm
Type of material Powder or granule
Working humidity 0-50RH%
Working temperature -10-40
Applicable material size 0.2um-10mm
Handling capacity 3T/H-6T/H
Working Sketch small bag dump station1

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