directional valve product description

The three-way directional valve (also known as three-way shunt valve and three-way commutator) is a special equipment used to switch the material flow direction in the pipeline in the solid material (powder, particle, powder mixture and sheet material) conveying system. The three channels of the three-way commutator are arranged in an angle, one in two out or two in one out. The pneumatic actuator is controlled by the switching of the solenoid valve. The two positions of the spool action are detected by the limit detection switch, which is directly installed on the pneumatic actuator. When the valve works normally, the spool turns to a position. After the commutation command is issued, turn to another position, and the commutation action is completed.

Products Details

Equipment parameter:
Pressure   ATM/LP MP  HP
  ATM<0.1Mpa 0.15~0.35Mpa HP>0.35Mpa
Temperature   -20℃~200℃/≤500℃
Structure   Rotating sheet Drum
Pipe angle   30° 30°
  45° 45°
Specification   DN50~600(2”~24”)
Application   Discharge direction change, vacuum conveying
Drive mode   Manual or pneumatic
Material   SS304、SS304L、SS316、SS316L、WCB
Flange connection standard   ANSI B 16.5 150LB,GB,HG,SH or designed by client
Applicable material   Pellets or powder
Characteristic: A.It is mainly made of stainless steel B.The polishing precision is high, which can meet the requirements of food grade and drug grade. C.According to the user's actual configuration control system, achieve full automation, improve work efficiency. D.The shell and main parts are cast by casting, with strong structure, high strength, not easy to deform and beautiful appearance; E.The conveying channel is smooth to ensure the smooth flow of materials without blockage; F.In the case of pressure sealing requirements, special sealing structure can be configured to fully meet the use requirements. G.The user can choose the appropriate installation position according to the needs of the conveying pipeline.

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